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This Month in Astronomy

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This Month in Astronomy Jan. 2014 This Month in Astronomy Jan. 2014 Pavlína Fryszová

2014 started out with some incredible discoveries in astronomy. We've listed our favorite astronomy news headlines and amazing discoveries made in the month of January. Take a look back at the cosmic stories that made news last month.

"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day." -Vincent van Gogh


Newfound Planet Is Earth-Mass But Gassy

First 2014 Asteroid Discovered

NASA's Fermi Makes First Gamma-ray Study of a Gravitational Lens

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Hubble Sees a Star Set to Explode

Hubble Probes Interior of Tarantula Nebula

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The Rosetta Spacecraft "Woke Up" After A Record 957 Days Of Hibernation

Opportunity Rover Captures Before-and-After Images


Australian Scientists To 'Listen' To The Formation Of Black Holes

First Weather Map Of Brown Dwarf


River Of Hydrogen Flowing Through Space Seen With Green Bank Telescope


More Astronomy News Links For January 2014:

Mock Mars Mission Begins in Utah

NASA and Smithsonian to Host 10-Year Anniversary Events for Mars Rovers

NASA Set for a Big Year in Earth Science with Five New Missions

First Planet Found Around Solar Twin in Star Cluster


Extraterrestrial Intelligence: The Challenge of Comprehending E.T.'s IQ

Solving a 30-year-old Problem in Massive Star Formation

NASA-sponsored 'Disk Detective' Lets Public Search for New Planetary Nurseries

Extreme Power of Black Hole Revealed

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First Detailed Look at a Normal Galaxy in the Very Early Universe

NASA Invites Public to Send Names on an Asteroid Mission and Beyond

Kepler Team Validates 41 New Exoplanets with Keck I

Telescope Spies Water Plumes on Dwarf Planet Ceres


Astronomers Discover New Planet in Pisces Constellation

Bright Star Reveals New Neptune-size Exoplanet

First Black Hole Orbiting a 'Spinning' Star



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