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Friday, August 9, 2013 3:30pm -0400

This Week in Astronomy

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This Week in Astronomy 8/9/13 This Week in Astronomy 8/9/13 Vaibhav Bodana

This is a new a new segment on Stellar Eyes we hope you will enjoy. Each week "This week in Astronomy" will be posted to help you get caught up on current space news, cosmic events, some historical tidbits, even which astronauts and cosmonaughts are in orbit at the moment in that particular week in space science. Thank you to our new Stellar Eyes contributor Vaibhav Bodana for providing "This Week in Astronomy".

 Space News this Week:

 Astronomers Image Lowest-mass Exoplanet Around Sun-like Star

 Year of Mar Curiosity Landing

 Brilliant Space Clouds Shine Red & Blue in Telescope Views

  NASA Seeks New Ideas for Ailing Planet-Hunting Spacecraft's Mission

 NASA Deputy Chief Lori Garver Stepping Down Next Month

☽ 'Comet Graveyard' Discovered By Astronomers In Colombia


History Events in Space Sciences This Week:

☽  AUGUST 3, Variable star, In 1596, David Fabricius discovered the light variation of Mira (first variable star).

 AUGUST 5, Comet, In 1864, Giovanni Batista Donati (1827-73) made the first spectroscopic observations of a comet tail (from the small comet, Tempel, 1864 II).

  AUGUST 5, Quasar, In 1962, a lunar occultation on August 5 enabled Australian radio astronomers to more precisely fix the location of the previously known radio source 3C 273, in Virgo.

✭ AUGUST 5, Mariner 7, In 1969, Mariner 7 flew past Mars. It had been launched 27 Mar1969, and was now 3430-km above the Martian surface.

  AUGUST 5, Mars 6, In 1973, the USSR launched Mars 6, on a Proton SL-12/D-1-e booster.

 AUGUST 6, Supernova, In 1181, a supernova was observed by Chinese astronomers in the constellation now known as Cassiopeia.

☽  AUGUST 6, Life on Mars?, In 1996, NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin announced the discovery of evidence of a primitive life form on Mars.

 AUGUST 8, Barbara Morgan a Teacher launched on Space Shuttle Endeavour.

  AUGUST 9, Mars 7, In 1973, the USSR launched the Mars 7, on a Proton SL-12/D-1-e booster.


People in Space Sciences This Week:

✭ George Francis Fitzgerald, Born 3 Aug 1851, Irish physicist, helped lay a foundation for wireless telegraphy.

  Neil Armstrong, Born 5 Aug 1930, American astronaut, was the first man to walk on the moon (20 Jul 1969, Apollo 11.

 Girolamo Fracastoro, Died 6 Aug 1553, Italian physician, astronomer, geologist and poet.

☽  Johann von Lamont, Died 6 Aug 1879, Scottish-born German astronomer, noted for discovering (1852) that the magnetic field of the Earth fluctuates with a 10.3-year activity cycle.

 Sir Bernard Lovell, Died 6 Aug 2012, English radio astronomer and physicist, Role in world's largest steerable radio telescope.

☽  Bart J. Bok, Died 7 Aug 1983, Dutch-American astronomer, "Bok globules" for being the first to investigate these dark clouds of dense gas and dust visible against a background of bright nebulae.

 Svetlana Savitskaya, Born 8 Aug 1948, Russian cosmonaut and aerospace engineer, first woman to walk in space (1984).

☽  William Fowler, Born 9 Aug 1911, American astrophysicist, important role in nuclear reactions.

 Jonathan Homer Lane, Born 9 Aug 1819, American astrophysicist, first to investigate mathematically the Sun as a gaseous body.

 James Alfred Van Allen, Died 9 Aug 2006, American physicist, discovered the Earth's magnetosphere.


Astronauts in Space This Week:

  Pavel Vinogradov, Commander, 134 Days in space

 Alexander Misurkin, Flight Engineer, 134 Days in space

  Chris Cassidy, Flight Engineer, 134 Days in space

 Fyodor Yurchikhin, Flight Engineer, 73 Days in space

  Karen Nyberg, Flight Engineer, 73 Days in space

 Luca Parmitano, Flight Engineer, 73 Days in space


Free Astronomy Book of the week:

✭ History of Astronomy by George Forbes


Astronomy Link of the week:

 Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network



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