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Mysterious Lights Captured Over New Jersey

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Strange Lights Over Ocean City, NJ Strange Lights Over Ocean City, NJ Jack Fusco

If you spend a lot of time in photo shoots with stars, odds are you will eventually see something strange. We're not talking about the Hollywood kind, but rather the cosmic kind. As he snapped photos of the Milky Way, astrophotographer Jack Fusco witnessed something peculiar that sparked his curiosity. Bright lights appeared one by one and then slowly disappeared in the sky over Ocean City, New Jersey. Later he was even approached by authorities who wanted to know about his weird close encounter. Fortunately for him he managed to capture some pretty extraordinary images with his DSLR Camera.

Jack posted the incredible images to his Facebook page and people immediately chimed in on what they thought it was. They speculated that it was military flares, drones, Chinese lanterns and of course UFOs! As a well experienced astrophotographer Jack ruled out the possibility it being a plane or helicopter. A few people even commented that they had witnessed the same mysterious lights in New Jersey as well. 


Jack recalls his experience: "Last night while taking photos out in Ocean City, NJ, I saw some bright lights appear one by one and then slowly disappear. I wasn't sure what it was, but kept the camera moving and continued to enjoyed the night. A few minutes later I saw similar lights in a different area of the sky and then a third time shortly after that. The lights lasted less than 20 seconds in each spot and then were gone.

I texted a few friends about it and couldn't come up with any conclusion as to what it may have been. We made the obvious jokes about how I would be paid a visit by guys in suits and end up disappearing. Oddly enough, somewhere around 30-40 minutes after I saw the lights, a cop car drove up on the beach and started asking questions. They asked how long I had been there and if I saw anything weird. After I told them I had been out for a while and saw something earlier, they mentioned a possible flare or fireworks over the ocean. They didn't seem sure of what it was either and asked that I call if I saw anything else. The lights showed up in 4 different frames with the times indicated in the corner of each."

As of today the lights Jack captured still remain a mystery.

To read more about Jack Fusco and see his stunning photos visit his website and his Facebook page.

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