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Magic in the Cosmos: The Wizard Nebula

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The Wizard Nebula The Wizard Nebula David Lindemann

There is incredible magic happening in our galaxy. This amazing nebula was discovered by William Herschel's sister, Caroline Herschel in 1787. To her it appeared to look like a medieval sorcerer conjuring up a magical potion in the stars. 

This magical open star cluster NGC 7380, also known as the Wizard Nebula and is located in the constellation Cepheus about 7,000 light-years from Earth. The stars within the wizard are only about 5 million years old, which is young in cosmic terms. 

Containing more magic than Merlin could ever dream of, the stars in this cluster could be cooking up entire solar systems. As they swirl in cosmic dust and gas more stars flash into life. Astronomers think the Wizard nebula itself will only last a few more million years but the stars within the cluster could out live our own Sun.

This celestial wonder was taken by David Lindemann from his home in the Swiss Alps.

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