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Super Flower Moon Dazzles Sky Gazers

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Super Moon Rise over Warsaw, Indiana. Super Moon Rise over Warsaw, Indiana. Rick Glass

Over the weekend sky gazers were treated to an enormous full super moon and three planets dancing in the night sky. Even non-space enthusiast stop and pointed in wonder at the huge orange moon rising on the horizon.

 Our moon just happen to be at lunar perigee – the moon's closest point to Earth for this month, making it a super moon. May's full moon is sometimes called the Full Flower Moon: Flowers are now abundant everywhere. It was also known as the Full Corn Planting Moon or the Milk Moon. This full moon was also special because it underwent an extremely minor penumbral lunar eclipse on Friday night, May 24th, unfortunately it was so faint most probably weren't able to see it. In addition to the super moon star watchers were able to see Jupiter, Venus and Mercury come together in a conjunction; planetary trio that will not be able to be seen again until the year 2021.

We asked the Stellar Eyes Facebook fans to post their super moon pics and the photo that recieved the most LIKES would be the profile photo for our Facebook page. The fans answered and posted beautiful photos. The votes are in and congratulations Stellar fan Rick Glass for his photo of the super moon over Warsaw, Indiana.

Thank you everyone for posting their awesome photos! Below are all the amazing Super Flower Moon photos sent in by Stellar Eyes fans:

April LewisShimmering Super Flower Moon taken by April Lewis.

 Rick TrommaterSuper Flower Moon with jet trail by Rick Trommater. 

Mike LewinskiStunning landscape and the Super Flower Moon rise by Mike Lewinski.

 Jordan TrickeyGorgeous Super Flower Moon rising over sail boats in Australia, shared by Jordan Trickey.

Rick TrommaterThe Super Flower Moon peaking through a pine tree by Rick Trommater.

Jeff Van HoutenBrilliant super moon in some darker hues shared by Jeff Van Houten.

Dave DrainSuper Moon taken by Dave Drain from Portsdown Hill high above his home town in Portsmouth UK.

Michael CanfieldSuper Moon from Seattle shared by Michael Canfield.

Rick Trommater3Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in a planet dance last night, taken by Rick Trommater.

 Jeff SoltesBeautiful conjunction of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury by Jeff Soltes.

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