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David Lindemann

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I am a software engineer living in Switzerland with my wife Sylviane and two children Lénoard and Salomé. I am born in Lausanne Switzerland in October 12th 1972.

In October 2000 I founded my own computer engineering service company and today I am still working on it as vice-president.

I started astronomy in October 2004. In fact, my girlfriend who knew my passion for theoretical physics and cosmology gave me for my birthday a small 6 inches Newton telescope. With this telescope I started to learn and to observe the sky.

Quickly I had the wish to make pictures of the sky and I bought a webcam to try to capture Jupiter and Saturn. For my first test, I chose to capture Jupiter. After several hours of installation, I finally took a sequence of pictures in color but a little fuzzy.

End of 2007 we moved to Vérossaz a small village nested at 800 meters at the foot of Swiss Alps. In 2008 I became a member of the staff of the local observatory and I teach astronomy to children and to any people who want to visit our observatory.

I was impressed by the great astrophotographers Robert Gendler and J-P Mestavainio who make gorgeous pictures.

In 2010, I decided to buy a new telescope with a good mount accurate enough for astrophotography.

Since 2010, I capture the deep sky objects with my various lenses, a DSLR modified for astrophotography and a CCD camera.

In October 2012 I bought a famous apochromatic refractor and I continuously learn and evolve my processing methods to continuously increase the quality of my pictures.

Check out David's photos.

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