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The Most Epic View from Our National Parks You May Ever See!

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Bryce Canyon Bryce Canyon Dave Lane

There are some hidden places in America most of us never see. If we look for them, we might find that those little dirt roads seemingly leading to nowhere, in fact, lead to some of nature's biggest treasures. If you find one, make sure you bring hiking boots and some camping gear because these places are often hard to get to and can sometimes be very dangerous. For astrophotographer Dave Lane, his treacherous journeys have paid off, and give us a glimpse into an astounding world few have seen. Armed with his camera equipment, he captures stunning sky-scapes of the Milky Way filled with delicate ribbons of colorful sky glow over our national parks.

 Dave describes his incredible experiences below:

"It's always dark when I'm working. Whether it’s sitting in the dark on the edge of a canyon with as little as two or three feet separating me from a drop of thousands of feet, or walking the back paths of Yellowstone Park by myself in bear filled woods, and keeping company with assorted scorpions, bison, wolves, snakes and other critters of the night. With the stars sparkling overhead one would think it would be an easy job, walk or hike up take a shot and go home.

It’s not though. Maybe that’s part of the challenge to me, part of excitement, finding the right spot. Lining up that shot with where you think the Milky Way will be later that night. Every summer I drive completely around the world (well at least metaphorically) when you add up all the driving, the scouting the constant checking weather maps for where it will be clear, this obsession is almost like hunting.

Only I’m hunting photons. Packets of light that have traveled for millions of light years in some cases only to end their journey by falling on the detector of my camera. Although at first it seemed almost rude to interrupt a journey of such distance, after thinking on it, to capture that packet of light and record it in some beautiful part of the world has to be a worthy thing. It’s such a thrill when you think about it. I thought I’d never be able to touch the stars, yet through the gulf of space something has crossed that great distance and touched me.

Recording these scenes scattered all over the western US is a labor of love. The places I’ve seen, night skies I’ve observed, are truly humbling and awe inspiring in equal measure. Having my camera with me at night means I can take thousands and maybe tens of thousands of people with me to these magical places and is worth every second of driving and hiking that I do."

GrandcanyonGrand Canyon

WhitePocket White pocket Arizona

YellowstoneMulti-Prismatic Springs in Yellowstone

Doublearch Double Arch in Arches National Park

Sphinx "Sphinx" Goblin Valley Utah

Blackpool Black Pool at Yellowstone National Park

Brycegem Bryce Canyon

For more info on Dave Lane and his incredible work visit his website www.davelaneastrophotography.com and his face book page Dave Lane Astrophotography.



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