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15 Out of This World Photos of the 2015 Perseid Meteor Shower!

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Perseid Meteor Shower 2015 Composite Perseid Meteor Shower 2015 Composite Wesley Liikane

This year's Perseid meteor shower turned out to be a glorious event, treating sky watchers to a dazzling light show. Every Summer, Earth passes near the orbit of comet Swift-Tuttle and crosses it's debris stream. The warm lazy nights are a perfect time to enjoy this cosmic performance and is a favorite of star gazers because they can enjoy long bright streaks of comet dust. Radiating from the constellation Perseus, they linger a few awe-inspiring moments from the ionized gas trails. The shower proved successful to many talented astrophotographers who graciously allowed Stellar Eyes to share their breathe-taking photos. They were able to catch dozens of meteors along with brilliant and colorful air-glow. Their work gives us a chance to immerse in the magic of the universe and be inspired by it's endless wonders. Feel free to share so others can enjoy these truly spectacular images.  


Jatin Thakkar, Jatin Thakkar Photography


Brian Drourr, Brian Drourr Photography


Sergio Garcia Rill, Sergio Garcia Rill (Photographer)


Peter Greig, Peter Greig Photography


Matt Pollock


Michael Blanchette, Michael Blanchette Photography


Mitchell Brown, In His Image Photography


Gilbert Vancell,


Dan McBride, Dan McBride Photography


Derek Demeter


Mark 'Indy' Kochte, Indy Vision Photography


Sergio Garcia Rill, Sergio Garcia Rill (Photographer)


Aaron Priest, Aaron Priest Photography


Garrett Evans, A G Evans Photography

Cover photo by Wesley Liikane, Cowboy With a Camera.

Bonus: Check out the beautiful video below by Aaron Priest!


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2015-08-13 Perseid meteor shower and afternoon clouds Aaron Priest Photography