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Southern Sky Jewels: The Southern Pleiades

Night sky enthusiast have all at one time or another heard of the Pleiades, also called the Seven Sisters. Did you know there is a Southern Pleiades? While looking at Jason Brown's beautiful night sky photos I came across one titled "The Southern Pleiades". Perplexed I quickly asked Jason, who is my southern sky guy, about it and said "The Southern Pleiades is that even a thing?" He said yes indeed it was a thing. It happens to be a pretty amazing thing from the Southern Hemisphere I found out.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013 5:51pm -0400

Jason Brown

Jason Brown Bio

Jason first picked up a camera in anger 4 years ago, and being of a slightly fanciful, nerdy, SF bent, immediately pointed it at the stars. He was disappointed. But he persevered, and now he has finally managed to point the damn thing somewhere other than UP.

Jason lives in New Zealand and it is this fact that finally dragged the camera earthwards. It's one of the most beautiful places on Earth, especially at night. By day, Jason works as a computer-graphic artist and technical director for a boutique animation studio, but that's just his day job. Jason runs a Canon 60D with 2 fast Samyang lenses, and is in the process of lifting his work to the next level - Air & Darkness Photography being level 2.

While not adventuring in darkness or searching for Photographic XP, Jason hangs out at home and plays Minecraft with his sons.

To check out Jason's photos and to purchase a print visit our Photo Gallery.

You can find more of Jason's work on his flickr page or his website.

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