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A Stellar Perspective

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Milky Way at Jay Peak Resort Milky Way at Jay Peak Resort Brian Drourr

Getting out at night and catching an eye full of the heavens can sometimes give us new awareness of the cosmos. Astrophotographer Brian Drourr took these stunning panoramas of the Milky Way. He says being under the stars has changed the way he sees the universe and our place in it.

"If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently. How so? Well, when you look into infinity, you realize that there are more important things than what people do all day." -Calvin and Hobbes

Sometimes all it takes is a little perspective. There we were all alone at almost 4,000 feet atop Jay Peak Resort. The sun setting, stars coming out, skies darkening, it was all coming together. At that moment in time I would be willing to bet there were only a handful of people in the entire state of Vermont who had a better view then we did. When it finally got dark enough for the Milky Way to be visible, the grand view began to imerge.

Jay Peak Milky Way

 Clearly we were the ones being looked down on from far away stars in far away galaxies. We see our selves as being so big and powerful, and always in control. Suddenly all that changes when you put it all into the perspective of what we know vs. what we think we know. Spend a few nights under the stars all alone away from the "real world" and you will also begin to see things in a different light.

Peak Pano Milky Way

Some things you just need to see first hand to believe or really comprehend. I wish I could convey into words my experience when I am all alone at the top of a mountain gazing out into the center of the galaxy with a sea of stars over head and what seems like the entire world below me. The best I can do to put you in my shoes is to share an image with you.


Brian Drourr is a photographer in Burlington, Vermont. Check out more of his stunning photos on his Facebook page Brian Drourr Photography and his website

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