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Laurel Nendza

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Since I was a kid growing up in rural Alabama, I have been fascinated with space and science. My mom passed down to me her Carl Sagan books and I spent many summer nights sitting with my dad on the tailgate of his pickup truck as we contemplated the cosmos. They put the spark in me that lit an uncontrollable fire. Now my quest is to KNOW and share what I find with as many on this planet as I can!

I am not a professional astronomer or scientist but I am a space and science enthusiast. I live in Central Florida with my husband and two girls. It is a great feeling when my love for astronomy rubs off on my kids and then they talk to their friends about it.

When I get up in the morning I go to the computer and I am always greeted with exciting news about the cosmos. This lifts my spirit and gives me hope. So many people don't care about looking up at night and what the new discoveries are. I want to change that with as many people I come in contact with, especially our youth because they hold the key to how our future will be. There is so much more in our universe that needs to be discovered and every discovery made helps us understand our place in this universe. Now with endless knowledge from the internet at our fingertips and our fast developing technology we can share what we learn with each other.

I made Stellar Eyes to share the discoveries of the universe with the world. I encourage everyone to get outside and look up. Get some binoculars or a telescope and look closer. What do you see? Look it up and learn about it and then pass that information to a friend. Enjoy the mysteries of the Universe with me. Stellar Eyes is still in her infancy and my hope is she will become more successful in reaching and inspiring people than I could ever imagine.

Like Carl Sagan once said "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way!"

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Laurel Nendza

Laurel Nendza is the owner and creator of Stellar Eyes.

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