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Extraordinary Selfies that are Out of This World!

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Night Under the Stars Night Under the Stars Ben Canales

These aren't your average everyday selfies. Each photo is unique and creative because the photographer captured their own image against the ultimate backdrop, our Milky Way. When one spends so much time under the big open night sky, there is no escaping contemplating the deeper meaning of the universe. Whether we star gaze alone, with friends, or with the one we love, we can't help but feel small and humbled in the grandeur of the cosmos. We come to the understanding we are part of something so incredible and so much larger than ourselves. It was hard picking just one photo from each talented photographer. Please click the link under each name to see more captivating images of our night sky. Thank you to all the photographers who contributed images. The last image is an open invitation for anyone who would like to experience a front row seat to the most amazing show this planet has ever seen. We invite you to go out and enjoy the magic of the night as the Milky Way puts on an unforgettable cosmic show!

"We are a way for the cosmos to know itself." ― Carl Sagan


Bryan Hansel, Bryan Hansel Photography, Grand Marais, Minnesota



Garrett Evans, A G Evans Photography, South Sutton, New Hampshire



Mike Salway, Mike Salway Photography, New South Wales, Australia


Christopher Georgia, Christopher Georgia Photography / Time Lapse, Manchester, New Hampshire


Matt Pollock, Troy, New York



Jeremy Meehan, Naked Lens Images Landscapes, Sacramento, CA



Brian Drourr, Brian Drourr Photography, Burlington, Vermont



Matt Payne, Matt Payne Photography, Portland, Oregon



Rex Bartlett, Southern Ontario, Canada



Mike Taylor, Taylor Photography, Maine



Jay Grave, JayGrave Photography, Boston, MA



Ben Canales, The Star Trail: Photography of Ben Canales, Portland, Oregon



Jeremy Meehan, Naked Lens Images Landscapes, Sacramento, CA

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