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This 14 Year Old Is Wowing Astronomers and Inspiring Kids Around the World To Look Up.

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Aryan Mishra Aryan Mishra Aryan Mishra

You may not know him, but if there was ever a kid destin for the stars it is this young man. While other boys his age are playing video games, he is studying the stars, receiving awards for discovering brand new asteroids, and presenting inspiring astronomy lectures to kids all over the world. He is only 14 and hitting the astronomy community by storm.

His name is Aryan Mishra and he is a junior high student near New Delhi India. His deep passion for astronomy was sparked when he first saw the rings of Saturn through a telescope at the young age of 11. Most of the great astronomers of our time such as Carl Sagan, Carolyn Porco and Neil deGrasse Tyson experienced life changing, awe-inspired wonder when they first view the majestic rings of the Saturn system. If you have never seen it with your own eyes it could change your life too.

After that, his parents encouraged him and invested in telescopes to feed his curiosity for the night sky.

Aryan is well known at his junior high school as the local astronomy expert. His classmates frequently ask him about outer space or what was that bright star in the sky the night before? That inspired him to put on astronomy demonstrations for both junior high and high school students at his school. The kids were completely mezmorized and their young eyes opened wide at the beautiful and amazing possibilities that the cosmos had in store.

They were hooked and wanted more. Soon he put on many lectures at schools all around that included video from world-renowned astrophotographers and expert astronomers. He also uses social media to connect and put on lectures to young students across the globe.

imageIf you aren't impressed yet, then this will get you. In 2014 Aryan and his partner Keerti Vardhan discovered two unknown asteroids through the All India Asteroid Search Campaign. The discoveries earned them gold medals and prestigious awards in astronomy.

We are often presented with what is wrong with our youth today. Aryan is a breath of fresh air giving us hope for his generation. He is an exemplary example for young people every where and is already paving his future to the cosmos. Even the stars aren't out of reach,  as he aspires to become a professional astronomer and continue to make profound cosmic discoveries for the benefit of humanity.

We have invited Aryan to be part of the Stellar Eyes team to share new content and allow us to follow his awe-inspiring journey.

If you were inspired by this young man please share his story so others can know too.

To find out more about Aryan visit his Twitter or Facebook page.

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