Monday, June 12, 2017 12:00am -0400

Starry Skies and Fireflies: Where are the Lightning Bugs?

Growing up in the country as a kid, one of the things I loved most about Summer when the Sun went down were the green flickering lights that appeared like magic in my backyard. Not only were there stars in the sky, it seemed as if they came to life all around me, turning my world into an enchanted forest. These beautiful creatures are called fireflies, or as we call them in the south, lightning bugs. When is the last time you saw them? Sadly they are becoming a rarity in many places across the planet.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014 12:00am -0400

Turn Off the Lights and Light Up the Night.

As technology progresses we lose the magic of the night. It's a sad reality that many people never look at the stars anymore because they can't see them. They have forgotten there is a night sky at all. We can change this and bring back the awe-inspiring twinkling night that we used to have. We can fight light pollution!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014 12:00am -0400

Searching for the Milky Way

Today in our world of fast paced technology and growing population it's no wonder people forget to slow down and look up at the night sky. Even when we do look up we may just see a handful of stars and the moon. "Nothing to see here" we may think to ourselves as we get out of our cars at night and go about our business. Many people don't know what they are missing. How can you miss something you've never seen or thought twice about?

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Friday, June 7, 2013 12:00am -0400

Light Pollution: The Thief of the Night.

Light pollution harms more than just photos. It creates unseen problems on all life on Earth, including humans. Astrophotographer Mike Taylor has been battling the blaring light for years while taking photos of the night sky. Along with Stellar Eyes and many other photographers and sky gazers he joined the International Dark-Sky Association to advocate for dark skies. Here is his message on the importance of a dark sky.

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