Jason Brown

Jason Brown Bio

Jason first picked up a camera in anger 4 years ago, and being of a slightly fanciful, nerdy, SF bent, immediately pointed it at the stars. He was disappointed. But he persevered, and now he has finally managed to point the damn thing somewhere other than UP.

Jason lives in New Zealand and it is this fact that finally dragged the camera earthwards. It's one of the most beautiful places on Earth, especially at night. By day, Jason works as a computer-graphic artist and technical director for a boutique animation studio, but that's just his day job. Jason runs a Canon 60D with 2 fast Samyang lenses, and is in the process of lifting his work to the next level - Air & Darkness Photography being level 2.

While not adventuring in darkness or searching for Photographic XP, Jason hangs out at home and plays Minecraft with his sons.

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VegaStar Carpentier


Passionate Astronomy since Childhood, Vegastar embarked on Photography two years ago.
She likes to give another look, tame the light of the Sun and the Moon while combining nature, where a mixture Artistic View and Spirit merge ...Her interest: Making Astrophotography an "Art"!

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Laurel Nendza

Since I was a kid growing up in rural Alabama, I have been fascinated with space and science. My mom passed down to me her Carl Sagan books and I spent many summer nights sitting with my dad on the tailgate of his pickup truck as we contemplated the cosmos. They put the spark in me that lit an uncontrollable fire. Now my quest is to KNOW and share what I find with as many on this planet as I can!

I am not a professional astronomer or scientist but I am a space and science enthusiast. I live in Central Florida with my husband and two girls. It is a great feeling when my love for astronomy rubs off on my kids and then they talk to their friends about it.

When I get up in the morning I go to the computer and I am always greeted with exciting news about the cosmos. This lifts my spirit and gives me hope. So many people don't care about looking up at night and what the new discoveries are. I want to change that with as many people I come in contact with, especially our youth because they hold the key to how our future will be. There is so much more in our universe that needs to be discovered and every discovery made helps us understand our place in this universe. Now with endless knowledge from the internet at our fingertips and our fast developing technology we can share what we learn with each other.

I made Stellar Eyes to share the discoveries of the universe with the world. I encourage everyone to get outside and look up. Get some binoculars or a telescope and look closer. What do you see? Look it up and learn about it and then pass that information to a friend. Enjoy the mysteries of the Universe with me. Stellar Eyes is still in her infancy and my hope is she will become more successful in reaching and inspiring people than I could ever imagine.

Like Carl Sagan once said "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way!"

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Daniel McVey










Daniel McVey - www.danielmcvey.com is a resident member of the Denver Photo Art Gallery at 833 Santa Fe Dr in Denver, Colorado, an Antzl Project Photographer, and citizen of Silverthorne, Colorado in Summit County. I first became interested in photography when I was in high school. I was very interested in art but due to some trouble I got into at the high school (and to this day I swear, all I did was laugh) I was banned from art classes. Instead of art I took Photography and Print Shop Classes which helped to shape the adult portion of my life.

After high school I did not take many pictures until I bought my first digital camera which was an aim and shoot by Kodak. I began to shoot more and more and eventually felt that I had outgrown the camera and wanted to be able to do things not possible on my camera like shoot a meteor shower, the moon, stars, etc, so I bought a dslr and couple lenses which I am currently using and began to teach myself the things that I forgot and the things unknown to me with a little help from John Fielder's book, Landscape Photography: The Art of Seeing and a Photoshop class I took here at Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge.

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David Lindemann

I am a software engineer living in Switzerland with my wife Sylviane and two children Lénoard and Salomé. I am born in Lausanne Switzerland in October 12th 1972.

In October 2000 I founded my own computer engineering service company and today I am still working on it as vice-president.

I started astronomy in October 2004. In fact, my girlfriend who knew my passion for theoretical physics and cosmology gave me for my birthday a small 6 inches Newton telescope. With this telescope I started to learn and to observe the sky.

Quickly I had the wish to make pictures of the sky and I bought a webcam to try to capture Jupiter and Saturn. For my first test, I chose to capture Jupiter. After several hours of installation, I finally took a sequence of pictures in color but a little fuzzy.

End of 2007 we moved to Vérossaz a small village nested at 800 meters at the foot of Swiss Alps. In 2008 I became a member of the staff of the local observatory and I teach astronomy to children and to any people who want to visit our observatory.

I was impressed by the great astrophotographers Robert Gendler and J-P Mestavainio who make gorgeous pictures.

In 2010, I decided to buy a new telescope with a good mount accurate enough for astrophotography.

Since 2010, I capture the deep sky objects with my various lenses, a DSLR modified for astrophotography and a CCD camera.

In October 2012 I bought a famous apochromatic refractor and I continuously learn and evolve my processing methods to continuously increase the quality of my pictures.

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