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Daniel McVey

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Daniel McVey - www.danielmcvey.com is a resident member of the Denver Photo Art Gallery at 833 Santa Fe Dr in Denver, Colorado, an Antzl Project Photographer, and citizen of Silverthorne, Colorado in Summit County. I first became interested in photography when I was in high school. I was very interested in art but due to some trouble I got into at the high school (and to this day I swear, all I did was laugh) I was banned from art classes. Instead of art I took Photography and Print Shop Classes which helped to shape the adult portion of my life.

After high school I did not take many pictures until I bought my first digital camera which was an aim and shoot by Kodak. I began to shoot more and more and eventually felt that I had outgrown the camera and wanted to be able to do things not possible on my camera like shoot a meteor shower, the moon, stars, etc, so I bought a dslr and couple lenses which I am currently using and began to teach myself the things that I forgot and the things unknown to me with a little help from John Fielder's book, Landscape Photography: The Art of Seeing and a Photoshop class I took here at Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge.

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